Recognition of the Level of Higher Education Based on International Agreements and Member State of European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

An education document issued by an education institution from a member state or a third state, which is a side of a mutual bilateral or multilateral recognition agreement signed by the Slovak Republic, or issued by a higher education institution from a member state of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is automatically recognized for academic purposes. The recognition body for higher education documents originating from these countries is the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic - Centre for Recognition of Diplomas (CRD).

The recognition process of the educational document begins by the receipt of the application. The application consists of the first name and surname of the applicant, permanent address or address of similar stay of the applicant, subject of the application, full name and address of the institution which issued the document, the year of completion of the education and applicant’s signature. In case the holder of the educational document is underage, the application is filled in by his/her legal guardian.

Application for the Recognition of Level Of Higher Education From a Bilateral Agreement State or State of the European Higher Education Area (can be submitted only if the education originates from a country with a bilateral agreement or an EHEA member state).

Mandatory documentation submitted together with the application includes:

  • copy of identification document,
  • certified copies of the formal evidence of completion of the education,
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee.

The administrative fee for the recognition of the level of education:

  • if there is a bilateral agreement signed between the Slovak Republic and the country of origin: 5 EUR,
  • if the state of origin is a member of European Higher Education Area: 30 EUR.

List of states with an existing mutual international agreement with the Slovak Republic on academic recognition: Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Poland (2006 treaty) / (2016 treaty), Romania, Ukraine.

The Memorandum of Understanding of Recommendation to the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications in the area of Higher Education signed between the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Austria does not have the status of international agreement.

List of European Higher Education Area member states:

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia*, Cyprus, Czech Republic*, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany*, Greece, Holy See, Hungary*, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland*, Portugal, Romania*, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine*, United Kingdom and Belarus.

The details about educational systems in these countries can be found on the website of Bologna Process.

* The state has a mutual agreement signed with the Slovak Republic which specifies the conditions of recognition (the service fee for these states is 5 EUR). Diplomas from recognized Czech schools issued in the territory of the Czech Republic are for the academic purposes valid without a formal recognition.

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