100800 - Inorganic Material and Glass Chemistry and Technology - Inžinier (Ing.) - part-time

Absolvents of the second degree study course Chemistry and technology of inorganic materials and glass will acquire the advanced and broad theoretical knowledge that enables analyzing and finding of technical solutions, development of new technological procedures, optimization and modeling of particular technical devices and their technological assemblies.

The knowledge of theoretical fundamental basis is acquired within first three semesters of study in the courses of Chemistry of glass and inorganic materials, Physical chemistry of glass and inorganic materials, and Chemical engineering. Within these courses students acquire the knowledge of theory of chemical reactions and of the structure of glass and inorganic materials and will be able to apply this knowledge for optimization and modeling of technological procedures including utilization of advanced PC computing.

Practical knowledge and praxis will be acquired in laboratory courses and within the courses Technology of production of inorganic materials, Technology of glass production, Corrosion of glass and inorganic materials, and Fundamentals of system engineering. Very important feature of the study course is the tight binding between the themes of diploma thesis and the local as well as Slovak industry of glass and inorganic materials.