Vehicles Maintenance and Repair - Bakalár (Bc.) - full-time

Admission Requirements:

Completion of secondary school leaving examination is the basic acceptance requirement.

Information on the Programme of Study:

Graduates of the first level of study programme  „Vehicles Maintenance and Repair“  are qualified to deal with issues relating to the operability of automobiles through a complex care, starting with introduction into operation until its completion implemented at the holder's facilities. Graduates gain knowledge in the area of automobile design, its technical operation and maintenance control, inspection activities, renovations, repairs, and logistics. They are able to systematically analyse, effectively organise and manage activities of servicing and repair activities.  Graduates can assess technical condition, carry out maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and testing of automobiles and their groups. They are able to work in teams and communicate with professionals and other complex care providers.

Graduates are qualified to work as Maintenance Operators and Maintenance Managers of servicing and car repairs centres, as well as in transportation companies and organisations using automobile technology. They are able to work in the area of services and trade with automobiles, spare parts, operation materials and commodities relating to the use of automobiles. Graduates can also work as entrepreneurs in the area of maintenance, servicing, and sale of automobiles.

I. YEAR SUBJECT AREA:5.2.2. MAINTENANCE OF MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENTStudy program: Vehicles Maintenance and Repair

CodeCourse titleECTS CreditsNumber of hours per weekExamination
Compulsory subjects
SaOA/B/4-01/dMathematics I7 3-2-0 s
SaOA/B/4-12/dFundamentals of Engineering Design5 2-2-0 s
SaOA/B/4-07/dPhysics I5 2-1-1 s
SaOA/B/4-11/dConstructive Geometry4 2-1-0 s
SaOA/B/3-99/dTechnical chemistry3 2-1-0 z
SaOA/B/1-21/dInformatics2 0-0-2 z
SaOA/B/1-01/dIntroduction to the Study of the University2 0-1-0 z
SaOA/B/1-02/dSafety of Technical Systems and Safety  at Work2 0-1-1 z
SaOA/B/4-02/dMathematics II 7 3-2-0s
SaOA/B/3-11/dMaterial Science I 1 6 2-0-2s
SaOA/B/4-08/dPhysics II 5 2-1-1s
SaOA/B/4-21/dEngineering Mechanics I 5 2-2-0s
SaOA/B/4-55/dComputer-assisted Design I 3 0-0-2z
SaOA/B/1-22/dApplied Informatics 2 0-0-2z
SaOA/B/1-03/dHistory of techniques 2 0-1-0z
Optional subjects
SaOA/B/4-03/dIntroduction to university mathematics1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/4-09/dIntroduction to College Physics1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/4-13/dSeminar in Technical Documentation1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/4-15/dPhysical education I1 0-0-2 z
SaOA/B/4-04/dMathematics in solved exercises 1 0-2-0z
SaOA/B/4-10/dPhysics in solved problems 1 0-2-0z
SaOA/B/4-24/dSeminar on fundamentals of engineering mechanics 1 0-2-0z
SaOA/B/4-16/dPhysical education II 1 0-0-2z

 Examination:z - credit s - exam, 1 Lectured in English and Slovak language

II. YEARSUBJECT AREA:  5.2.2. MAINTENANCE OF MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENTStudy program: Vehicles Maintenance and Repair 

CodeCourse titleECTS CreditsNumber of hours per weekExamination
Compulsory subjects
SaOA/B/4-22/dEngineering Mechanics II4 2-2-0 s
SaOA/B/3-12/dMaterial Science II. 15 2-0-2 s
SaOA/B/4-26/dBasics of Robotics5 2-2-0 s
SaOA/B/1-81/dFlexibility and Strength I5 2-0-2 s
SaOA/B/2-15/dBasics of electrotechnics and electronics  5 2-0-1 s
SaOA/B/4-05/dFundamentals of Numerical Mathematics and Statistics4 2-0-1 z
SaOA/B/3-21/dProduction and renovation technologies 1 5 2-0-2s
SaOA/B/4-27/dFlexibility and Strength II 5 2-2-0s
SaOA/B/4-45/dMachine Parts and Mechanisms I 4 2-2-0s
SaOA/B/4-35/dFluid mechanics 4 2-2-0s
SaOA/B/1-61/dCar Construction I 4 2-0-2s
SaOA/B/2-16/dDependability Vehicles 3 2-0-1z
SaOA/B/4-14/dFundamentals of labor and commercial law 2 0-1-0z
Compulsory optional subjects
SaOA/B/1-04/dForeign language I 12 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/1-05/dForeign language II 1 3 0-2-0s
Optional subjects
SaOA/B/2-03/dPsychology of management1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/4-25/dSeminar of the foundations of Applied Mechanics1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/1-06/dBusiness1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/4-17/dPhysical education III1 0-0-2 z
SaOA/B/3-20/dFundamentals of engineering technology 1 0-1-1z
SaOA/B/4-18/dPhysical education IV 1 0-0-2z
SaOA/B/2-31/dService Experience 5 0-0-3z

 Examination:z - credit s - exam, 1 Lectured in English and Slovak language

III. YEaR SUBJECT AREA:  5.2.2. MAINTENANCE OF MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENTStudy program: Vehicles Maintenance and Repair 

CodeCourse titleECTS CreditsNumber of hours per weekExamination
Compulsory subjects
SaOA/B/4-46/dMachine Parts and Mechanisms II3 2-1-0 s
SaOA/B/1-64/dCar Construction II5 2-0-2 s
SaOA/B/2-37/dManagement information systems of maintenance services5 2-0-1 s
SaOA/B/2-17/dCardiagnostics5 2-0-2 s
SaOA/B/2-39/dOrganization and technology of technical service5 2-0-2 s
SaOA/B/4-36/dThermomechanics2 2-1-0 z
SaOA/B/1-07/dEcology and Environment1 0-1-0 z
SaOA/B/2-50/dBachelor Project4 0-0-1 z
SaOA/B/2-36/dPremises Technology 3 2-0-1s
SaOA/B/2-26/dControl systems for motor vehicles 3 2-0-1s
SaOA/B/2-30/dComplex care 5 2-0-2s
SaOA/B/4-37/dFluid systems and components of cars and their maintenance 2 2-0-1z
SaOA/B/2-05/dMethods of management techniques 2 1-0-1z
SaOA/B/2-32/dAutomobile repairing 3 2-0-1s
SaOA/B/2-02/dBusiness Economics and maintenance 2 0-2-0z
SaOA/B/2-18/dElectronic systems in vehicles 2 1-0-1z
State examination subjects    s
SaOA/B/2-51/dBachelor thesis 6 0-0-2
SaOA/B/2-41/dOperation, maintenance and repair of cars 1  s
SaOA/B/2-40/dReliability and safety of cars 1  s
Optional subject
SaOA/B/4-19/dPhysical education V1 0-0-2 z
SaOA/B/2-04/dPersonal Management1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/2-08/dAccounting1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/2-09/dFinancial Management1 0-2-0 z
SaOA/B/3-13/dThermal treatment and surface finishing 12 2-0-1 z

Examination:z - credit s - exam, 1 Lectured in English and Slovak language