Mechanism in Special Technology - Bakalár (Bc.) - full-time

Admission Requirements:

Completion of secondary school leaving examination is the basic acceptance requirement.

Information on the Programme of Study:

Graduates of the study programme „Mechanisms in Special Technology“ have complex knowledge of post-secondary Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and their technological applications. They manage control systems in defence technology, use of automation and computer technology in the area of technical preparation of production, control of technological processes and design of defence technology, design tasks and elaboration of technical documentation with the help of computer technology and CAD systems. Graduates know specific materials used in the design of defence technology, as well as selected technologies and technological procedures in the production of defence technology.

Graduates of the study programme „Mechanisms in Special Technology“can be employed in the area of  automation of mechanical engineering sector and related industries that implement automation technology in the process of planning, designing, production, and application of defence technology. At the same time, they will be able to work in the area of system creation with the use of automation technology, information technologies and robotics. Graduates are also able to implement and operate systems of production and technology in the positions of CAD/CAM technologist, designer of production instruments and parts of defence technology.

I. YEAR SUBJECT AREA: 5.2.1. ENGINEERINGStudy program: Mechanisms in Special Technology

 CodeCourse titleECTS CreditsNumber of hours per weekExamination
Compulsory subjects
MŠT/B/4-01/dMathematics I7 3-2-0 s
MŠT/B/4-12/dFundamentals of Engineering Design5 2-2-0 s
MŠT/B/4-07/dPhysics I5 2-1-1 s
MŠT/B/4-11/dConstructive Geometry4 2-1-0 s
MŠT/B/3-99/dTechnical chemistry3 2-1-0 z
MŠT/B/1-21/dInformatics2 0-0-2 z
MŠT/B/1-01/dIntroduction to the Study of the University2 0-1-0 z
MŠT/B/1-02/dSafety of Technical Systems and Safety  at Work2 0-1-1 z
MŠT/B/4-02/dMathematics II 7 3-2-0s
MŠT/B/3-11/dMaterial Science I 1 6 2-0-2s
MŠT/B/4-08/dPhysics II 5 2-1-1s
MŠT/B/4-21/dEngineering Mechanics I 5 2-2-0s
MŠT/B/4-55/dComputer-assisted Design I 3 0-0-2z
MŠT/B/1-22/dApplied Informatics 2 0-0-2z
MŠT/B/1-03/dHistory of techniques 2 0-1-0z
Optional subjects
MŠT/B/4-03/dIntroduction to university mathematics1 0-2-0 z
MŠT/B/4-09/dIntroduction to College Physics1 0-2-0 z
MŠT/B/4-13/dSeminar in Technical Documentation1 0-2-0 z
MŠT/B/4-15/dPhysical education I1 0-0-2 z
MŠT/B/4-04/dMathematics in solved exercises 1 0-2-0z
MŠT/B/4-10/dPhysics in solved problems 1 0-2-0z
MŠT/B/4-24/dSeminar on fundamentals of engineering mechanics 1 0-2-0z
MŠT/B/4-16/dPhysical education II 1 0-0-2z

Examination:z - credit s - exam, 1 Lectured in English and Slovak language

II. YEARSUBJECT AREA:5.2.1. ENGINEERINGStudy program: Mechanisms in Special Technology

CodeCourse titleECTS CreditsNumber of hours per weekExamination
Compulsory subjects
MŠT/B/4-22/dEngineering Mechanics II4 2-2-0 s
MŠT/B/3-12/dMaterial Science II. 15 2-0-2 s
MŠT/B/1-30/dBasics of Robotics5 2-0-2 s
MŠT/B/4-26/dFlexibility and Strength I5 2-2-0 s
MŠT/B/1-81/dBasics of electrotechnics and electronics  5 2-0-2 s
MŠT/B/4-05/dFundamentals of Numerical Mathematics and Statistics4 2-0-1 z
MŠT/B/3-21/dProduction and renovation technologies 1 5 2-0-2s
MŠT/B/4-27/dFlexibility and Strength II 5 2-2-0s
MŠT/B/4-45/dMachine Parts and Mechanisms I 4 2-2-0s
MŠT/B/4-35/dFluid mechanics 4 2-2-0s
MŠT/B/2-19/dCA design in engineering 5 2-0-2s
MŠT/B/2-01/dEconomics and production management 2 0-2-0z
MŠT/B/4-14/dFundamentals of labor and commercial law 2 0-1-0z
 Compulsory optional subjects
MŠT/B/1-04/dForeign language I2 0-2-0 z
MŠT/B/1-05/dForeign language II 3 0-2-0s
Optional subjects
MŠT/B/2-03/dPsychology of management1 0-2-0 z
MŠT/B/4-25/dSeminar of the foundations of Applied Mechanics1 0-2-0 Z
MŠT/B/4-17/dPhysical education III1 0-0-2 Z
MŠT/B/1-06/dBusiness1 0-2-0 Z
MŠT/B/3-20/dFundamentals of engineering technology 1 0-1-1Z
MŠT/B/3-35/dPractical training in production and renovation technologies 1 3 0-0-3Z
MŠT/B/4-18/dPhysical education IV 1 0-0-2Z

   Examination:z - credit s - exam, 1 Lectured in English and Slovak language

III. YEAR  SUBJECT AREA:5.2.1. ENGINEERINGStudy program: Mechanisms in Special Technology

CodeCourse titleECTS CreditsNumber of hours per weekExamination
Compulsory subjects
MŠT/B/3-24/dModern technological methods of machine production and assembly4 2-0-1 s
MŠT/B/4-46/dMachine Parts and Mechanisms II3 2-1-0 s
MŠT/B/1-82/dOptical and optoelectronic devices 14 2-0-1 s
MŠT/B/1-23/dComputer modeling equipment and processes5 2-0-2 s
MŠT/B/1-24/dControl systems I 17 2-2-0 s
MŠT/B/4-36/dThermomechanics2 2-1-0 z
MŠT/B/1-07/dEcology and Environment1 0-1-0 z
MŠT/B/1-08/dBachelor Project4 0-0-1 z
MŠT/B/3-40/dEngineering metrology 1 3 2-0-2s
MŠT/B/1-25/dControl systems II 1 6 2-2-0s
MŠT/B/3-50/dCNC programming systems 1 4 2-0-2s
MŠT/B/1-83/dElectrical and electronic measurements   3 0-2-2z
MŠT/B/4-47/dProject in design of machine parts and mechanisms 2 0-0-1z
MŠT/B/1-84/dTechnical Cybernetics 2 1-0-1z
MŠT/B/3-22/dQuality of mechanical engineering production and production devices 1 2 2-1-0z
State Examination Subjects    s
MŠT/B/1-09/dBachelor thesis 6 0-0-2
MŠT/B/1-31/dControl systems of machines and mechanisms 1  s
MŠT/B/4-49/dParts and mechanisms of machinery and equipment 1  s
Optional subjects
MŠT/B/4-19/dPhysical education V1 0-0-2 z
MŠT/B/2-04/dPersonal Management1 0-2-0 z
MŠT/B/1-63/dMobile technology5 2-0-1 s
MŠT/B/1-84/dTechnical Cybernetics2 1-0-1 z

 Examination:z - credit s - exam, 1 Lectured in English and Slovak language