Human resources and personnel management - Inžinier (Ing.) - full-time

Admission Requirements:

Obtain first level of university study and successful admission process.

The conditions for foreign students are identical to the conditions of Slovak students.

The admission procedure is conducted through a selection procedure based on the study results in bachelor studies.

Information about the Programme of Study:

The graduates of the second stage of "Human Resources and Personal Management" study programme can create conceptual development of human resources and personal policies and programs to ensure their implementation. Lessons learned allow them to carry out surveys in the field of human resources and the labour market, with a reasonable degree of creativity and autonomy. Graduates are able to manage a team to design and implement their own projects in the field of employment of people. The subject contents of the study program allows graduates to acquire theoretical knowledge on the development of economy and society, on the new trends of management, principles of reproduction and development of human resources, practices and techniques for the management of people.

The specifics of the second degree study program allow graduates to acquire theoretical knowledge and insights:

  • on rational solutions to socio-economic problems of employment practices and the use of staff;
  • rules and procedures for the establishment and implementation of programmes for the development of human capital and functional models of the labour market;
  • about social and economic principles of reproduction and development of human capital in the new economy;
  • the psychology and sociology, the behaviour of people in social groups and work teams;
  • the interdisciplinary aspects of human resources management, training and development.

The second stage of the Human Resources and Personnel Management study program provides students with practical experience of human resources management, personal actions and behaviour of people, organisations and working groups on the labour market. A graduate acquires the following skills:

  • to work responsibly and expertly in the departments of human resources development and personal management;
  • to create and implement a policy for the management of human resources and human resource development programmes;
  • to analyse and to evaluate the consequences of the practices applied in the management of people;
  • to solve the problems of individual and group conflicts situations;
  • to analyse and to evaluate the status and trends in the development of human resources and personal management;
  • to orientate in the environment, in the evolution of the labour market,  in social development of population, in legislative aspects of employment relations;
  • to analyse and to evaluate the situation and trends in the labour market;
  • to apply acquired theoretical knowledge creatively in practice;
  • methods and techniques in their management.

Graduates of the second stage of the Human Resources and Personnel Management study program are  capable of:

  • working effectively as a member as well as the head of the of the team,
  • keeping in touch with the latest trends of knowledge,
  • assessing the quality, expertise, skills and competences of people,
  • organizing, motivating, and  evaluating the work of the people,
  • motivating to influence, to guide and to reward people,
  • affecting  the interaction and communication and the relationships between people,
  • to explore the interests, desires and wishes of the people and to show them the care,
  • obtaining, selecting and placing staff in accordance with the needs of the organization,
  • creating plans for job creation and human resources development programmes,
  • following professional ethics and legal standards at work.

Graduates of the second stage of the Human Resources and Personnel Management study program can be employed at:

  • the departments of human resources and the development of human resources, manufacturing, government, public, and non-profit organizations,
  • personal agencies, educational, advisory and social organizations in the state administration and self-government,
  • non-profit organizations (civic associations, foundations, trusts, charities and religious organizations.

C o u r s e
Hours per week -1styearCredits  
NT i t l eL/S/LaboutcomesL/S/Laboutcomes
 Compulsory courses(P) 
41Strategy of Socio-Economic Development2/0/0E  4
42Public Relations2/0/0E  4
43Economic Sociology2/2/0E  5
44Relations in the Workplace2/0/0E  4
45Scientific Research Methods2/0/0C  4
46Human Resource Management I  2/2/0E5
47Organizational Culture  2/0/0E4
48Strategic Management in Foreign Language Initiates file download1 2 3 2/0/0E4
49Project Management + Project  2/2/0E4
50Diploma Seminar  0/2/0C4
 Compulsory optional courses (PV)
41Economics of Public Sector2/0/0E  3
42Economics of Small and Middle-size Businesses0/2/0C  3
43Labour and Social Law of the EU2/0/0C  3
44Macroeconomic Decision-making Processes2/0/0C  3
45Econometrics  0/2/0C3
46Psychology of Personality  2/2/0E3
47Global Economy  2/0/0C3
48Introduction to Prognostics  2/0/0C3
 Optional courses(V) 
41Managerial Competences and Skills in English 10/2/0C  3
42Managerial Competences and Skills in German 20/2/0C  3
43Theory of Public Finances2/0/0E  3
44Fitness and Sport0/0/2C  1
45International Management in German 2  2/0/0C3
46International Management in English 1  2/0/0C3
47Insurance Sector  0/2/0C3
48Fitness and Sport  0/0/2C1

1 Lectured in English

2 Lectured in German

Lectured in Russian

C o u r s e
Hours per week - 2ndyearCredits  
NT i t l eL/S/LaboutcomesL/S/Laboutcomes
 Compulsory courses(P)
51Human Resource Management II2/2/0E  5
52International Labour Market and Employment Policy in Foreign Language 1 2 32/0/0E  4
53Organizational Behaviour2/0/0E  5
54Financial Management2/0/0C  3
55Diploma Seminar0/2/0C  2
56Recent Trends in Human Resource Management  2/0/0E5
57Human Resources Education and Development  2/0/0E4
58Diploma Thesis  0/0/2C12
 Compulsory optional courses (PV)
49Social Communication and Etiquette2/00C  3
50Financial and Economic Analysis2/2/0E  3
51Economic Policy Making2/0/0C  3
52Sociology of Work2/0/0C  3
53Career Management and Development  2/0/0C3
54Intercultural Management 1  0/2/0C3
55EU Economic Policy Making  2/0/0C3
56Finances and Currency  2/0/0C3
 Optional courses(V) 
49Inter-cultural Communication2/0/0C  3
50Human Resource Management in German 22/0/0C  3
51Project management in English 12/0/0C  3
52Economics and History of European Integration in English 12/0/0C  3
53Marketing management in English 1  0/2/0C3
54Macroeconomic Analysis  2/0/0C3
 State examination courses
 Defence of Diploma Thesis   SE5
 Economic and Social Aspects of Corporate Human Management   SE2
 Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Human Resource Management   SE2