Nursing - Bakalár (Bc.) - part-time

Admission Requirements:

The completion of secondary school leaving examination is the basic acceptance requirement. Another admission requirement is the successful passing of admission test – a biology test in the scope of secondary school subjects

Information on the Programme of Study:

The graduate of bachelor´s degree programme Nursing is a health professional who has got professional competence to provide nursing care. The graduates of the study programme Nursing are able to meet the requirements of a discipline that integrates in itself nursing theories with scientific knowledge from another disciplines necessary for the provision of public health services in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, as well as in the care of patients, rehabilitation, and aftercare. The graduate is further able to provide nursing care to individuals, families, groups, or communities in health or illness and to contribute to good health, healing, or peaceful and to the dignity in dying and death. The graduate is able to think in a critical way, and work with the results of credible research.

The graduate of the bachelor study programme Nursing provides, in self-dependent way, nursing care – preventive, supportive, curative, rehabilitative or auxiliary – to individuals, families, and groups by the method of nursing process. He/she maintains and supports the optimal health condition of individuals, families, groups, and communities in various situations that require nursing care, acquires an active participation of individuals, families, groups, and communities in the process of maintaining and promoting health, treatment and care, monitors demands for nursing care, including education for individuals, families, and groups, and ensures it’s maximum quality in accordance with the principles of ethics, patients´ rights with the emphasise put on maximal quality and performance. The graduate has prerequisites for the further study at university, or in the field of specialised, and continuous education.