Political Science – Philosophiae doctor (PhD.) - part-time

Admission Requirements:

The basic requirement is a successful completion of a Master’s program in Political Science or an equivalent degree program. The applicant has to show his/her ability for independent research work and has to have an adequate proficiency in English language or other world language. In pursuance of doctoral study admissions will be entrance exams. The task of doctoral study entrance exams is to check the applicant’s knowledge of problems, what is the content of a topic chosen by the applicant from the proposed topics of doctoral thesis (Annex No. 1).

  • The applicant submits his/her project (thesis topic) of dissertation in Slovak and one of the world languages he or she applies for, together with the application form (the project in Slovak language can be replaced by a project in Czech language or another world language). The project (the topic of doctoral thesis) in the extent of 10 standard pages (in each language) should contain:
  • Explanation and motivation, why the applicant decided to elaborate the selected doctoral thesis,
  • Definition of basic directions and goals the applicant would like to direct during the work on his/her doctoral thesis as well as the methods the applicant would like to work on his/her selected topic of doctoral thesis,
  • Brief characteristic of the given problems worked out based on reference books and sources,
  • Expected benefits of the prepared selected topic of doctoral thesis for practice and follow-up development of theory.

Additional requirements of acceptance into doctoral study:

  • Application for PhD. program: The application can be submitted either online, or on a required form for the third cycle of higher education (form A3). (you can learn more in Additional information for the applicant)
  • The part of application form has to be a CV;
  • The graduates from other universities submit a verified copy of diploma, certificate on state exam, supplement to diploma or statement of completed exams. The supplement to diploma (statement of completed exams) should contain the arithmetic mean calculated from all completed subjects as well as the certificate on state exam should contain the arithmetic mean of all completed subjects and defense of final thesis. The graduates will send all these documents to the Study Office of the Department of Political Science at ADUT.

Information about the Programme of Study:

Theoretical knowledge

The graduate of this study program:

  • deepens his/her theoretical knowledge from theory of politics, theory of international relations and deepens his/her knowledge on key political concepts
  • deepens his/her knowledge from methodology of political science
  • will be capable in doing independent scientific work

Practical knowledge and skills

The graduate will be qualified:

  • to analyze processes in progress in international, European and world policy
  • to name the trends in current political science and theory of politics, and take a critical stand
  • to characterize and analyze social challenges and problems the 21st century society has to face, and propose and implement solutions
  • to take a professional stand to key topics of international relations
  • to predict and model future scenarios of social development

Supplementary knowledge, abilities and skills

The graduate will be qualified 

  • to communicate in English or other world language fluently and on a professional level


The graduate of “Political Science” study program on the third level of study will gain all the needed skills, knowledge and abilities to find employment in a field he or she graduated.

The graduate will have adequate theoretical view on the studied problems and will be capable in doing independent research work. The graduate gains knowledge on the current status of scientific knowledge in the given scientific discipline.

At the same time, the study plan develops the communication, presentation and language skills of each graduate.

The syllabi of subjects are outlined to support the development of critical thinking of each graduate, whose basic is the relevant knowledge base of student.

It is obvious from the above mentioned that the graduate will use his/her professional experience as an expert for political and social processes in:

  • public service and self-government,
  • media,
  • agencies specialized on research of public opinion and market research,
  • third sector,
  • international organizations, and in academic and scientific sphere.

Contact: Mgr. Katarína Hrnčárová
Study Assistant / Coordinator for Students with Specific Needs
032/7400 911