Bilateral agreements countries

1. step: Submitting an application for study:

The applicant shall provide:

  1. filled application for study form Opens external link in new window!/vyhladavanie;
    (an email address is required to facilitate further communication);

  2. the fee for the admission procedure;

    Faculty Fee
    Faculty of Social and Economic Relations 34 €
    Faculty of Special Technology 25 €
    Faculty of Industrial Technologies 17 €
    Faculty of Healthcare 60 €
    Department of Political Science 19 €
    FunGlass, VILA – Joint Glass Centre 35 €

  3. the decision on recognition of the education certificate (not later than the date of enrollment). (See the steps to get it below.)

2. step: Temporary stay for study purposes for students / PhD students

Third-country students who are planning to stay in Slovakia for more than 90 days have to request
a temporary stay for study purposes. The application is submitted personally either abroad at the Slovak Opens external link in new windowEmbassy /Consulate territorially competent for the foreign country or in Slovakia at the relevant Opens external link in new windowforeigners' police department.

The applicant shall provide:

  1. Filled „Žiadosť o udelenie prechodného pobytu" (which means Request for a Temporary Stay; it must be filled out in Slovak);
  2. 2 current face photos 3 x 3.5 cm;
  3. a valid travel document (only for viewing);
  4. a document proving the purpose of the stay - confirmation of the school on admission to study (in Slovak);
  5. a document in the Slovak language proving sufficient financial security during the stay - a statement of the balance on the bank account held in the name of the third-country national;
  6. Extract from the Criminal Record, apostilled or superlegalised, from the country of residence of the foreigner and from every country where the foreigner has stayed for more than 90 days in the last 3 years during 6 consecutive months; each extract must be subsequently officially translated into Slovak by Slovak court translator (list of court translators can be found at Opens external link in new window );
  7. Foreigners who are going to study at college do not provide accommodation.

None of these documents may be older than 90 days.
Fees: EUR 4.50 for issuing a residence card
The personnel of the foreigners' police department communicate exclusively in Slovak. Therefore, we recommend those who do not speak Slovak to come to the foreigners' police department in the company of someone who does speak Slovak. 

Address of the Foreigners' police department in Trenčín:
Odbor cudzineckej polície Trenčín
Jilemnického 2, Trenčín 911 01
Tel: +421-96120-3233
Fax: +421-96120-3209 

If a temporary residence permit is granted, within 30 days of the receipt of the residence document, it is necessary to provide the foreign police department with a proof of medical examination confirming that the person concerned does not suffer from a disease threatening public health. . The proof of health check must not be older than 30 days and can only be obtained in selected Slovak Opens external link in new windowhealthcare facilities.

3. step: Recognition of full secondary education or full secondary vocational education for the purpose of continuing in study

An applicant who has successfully completed secondary education or full secondary vocational education in EU Member State or a third country is required to submit a decision on the recognition of an education certificate in order to continue the bachelor study at the Trenčín Univerzity Alexander Dubček (hereinafter referred to as TnUAD).

Recognition of an education certificate, which is a certificate of evidence of a school-leaving examination issued by a recognized secondary school in another Member State or a third country, is decided by the district office in the seat of the region after comparing the content and extent of the applicant's education with the content and extent of the education which, according to the state educational program, is required in the Slovak Republic.

The applicant shall provide:

  1. request for recognition of a certificate;
  2. a copy of the identity document;
  3. a certified copy of a completed education document (translation into Slovak must be made by a court interpreter);
  4. proof of payment of the administrative fee of 5 euros.

Please send these documents to:

Okresný úrad Trenčín
Odbor školstva
Hviezdoslavova 3
911 01 Trenčín