Instruction for foreign students about accommodation

Following the introduction of preventive measures to Alexander Dubček university of Trenčín in the context of pandemic Covide-19 - we issue the following instructions for accommodation in the Student´s dormitory in Záblatie and contracted accommodation facilities:

  1. Foreign student who enters the territory of the Slovak Republic from „high-risk countries“ and assigned accommodation in accommodation facilities ADUT in the academic year 2020/2021, are ordered to remain in home isolation (self-isolation) by completing minimum 5 days. Until the receiving the negative RT-PCR test result for COVID-19 are obliged to remain in „home isolation“ and not to enter the ADUT or the Student´s dormitory in Záblatie.

  2. Foreign student uppon arrival the territory of the Slovak Republic is obligated to register at: On the basis of this registration the Public Health Authority will arrange a COVID-19 test.

  3. The Student´s dormitory cannot serves as a place of home isolation and it is not possible to report it as a place of home isolation.

  4. ADUT has provided accommodation for foreign students in a replacement accommodation, where foreign student can complete compulsory home isolation until they receive a negative result of the RT-PCR test for COVID-19 (minimum 7 days).
    The price for 7 days of accommodation and meals is EUR 203.
    The student will pay the amount of EUR 203
    upon arrival at the replacement accommodation.
    In case of extension of stay, the amount will be charged EUR 29 per day.   
    The start date is only possible in two dates: 14 September 2020 or 22 September 2020.

  5. The foreign student that wishes to do home isolation in replacement accommodation has to inform about this decision and register for one of the  two start dates no later than 10 September 2020 at the email address:
    name and surname,
    date of the start isolation in replacement accommodation
     (14 September or 22 September 2020).

  6. Contact the replacement accommodation:
    Ubytovňa AJT, s.r.o. (next to the company PRORECO)
    Sedličná 3 100
    Trenčianske Stankovce